Senior Living Transition

Everyone has their own story, their own journey. As we age though, we share many of the same steps. Let’s take a walk through one woman’s journey:

Gertie is 85 years old. She has lived alone for 10 years, and has been OK in doing so. Her daughter Judy comes over daily to check on her and will drive her on special outings, etc… Judy notices that her mother has become very lonely, isolating herself and not going out like she used to. Gertie has also had a couple recent falls and trips to the ER, so Judy no longer feels it’s safe to leave Gertie alone in her home… As hard as it is for Judy, she discusses this with her siblings and they all decide it is time to tell mom they all think it is probably time to transition her into a senior living community. What a difficult conversation! And this is just the beginning, next they have to decide about the house, finances, where to start looking, and the list goes on.

Have you been here before? Is this coming soon for your family? It’s never easy and it happens every day to thousands of families, but they do not have to be alone through this process! The Senior Care Industry has so many different resources both paid and free available to assist families and seniors through this transition period and help make it as seamless as possible.

If this is you, I’m sure you are happy to hear this, but now the question is where do I find these resources? Here are a few keywords to search for: Senior Care Managers, Senior Transition Specialist, Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Also, call any local senior living home and they should have a number of resources available to you! These individuals can help families take care of everything including, the process of downsizing the home, moving furniture and putting up photos, decor, etc in their new senior living home, finding a realtor to sell the home, getting set up with VA benefits, referring quality senior living communities, making phone calls, and so much more.

Transitioning a loved one to the next step in their journey should focus on being together and emotionally supporting them, not the logistics. A family truly has so many resources available, and it’s so important to know you don’t have to go through this process alone with a thousand questions and without a road map. If you have questions, and are going through this process, you can call Optimized Senior Living at (513) 701-9218 for specific local resources and referrals like above to assist you and your family.

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