Mom Needs More

Did you get a chance to spend some time with Mom over the holidays? Did you see that Mom hasn’t been taking as good of care of herself? Was mom constantly repeating herself? Are you now worried about mom living on her own?

Eh, what difficult things to see in your Mom (or another loved one). It’s not easy as a son or daughter, but so real. And then what to do when this becomes reality? Mom has always been the backbone of the family, she’s the one that is set in her ways and will refuse to leave her house, ever. “You will never put me in a nursing home,” this line rings in your head from what she’s always said. However, you know mom is one fall away from really being in bad shape or one forgetful moment of a real tragedy. But, what do you do!?

First step: Have a conversation with your siblings (if possible.) Are they feeling the same way? Talk about specific things you have noticed in mom.

Second step: Geriatrician appointment. Getting a professional opinion can be huge. They may see things you don’t, can do different assessments on cognitive impairment, etc. They can be a guide if nothing else.

Third step: Resources - maybe Mom isn’t quite ready to leave home, but getting some extra care into the home is needed. Or maybe mom needs more therapy for fall prevention, or maybe she really does need assisted living. Make calls and ask questions...truly get informed with what is out there and what all different companies provide. Council on Aging where you live can be a good guide, as well as local chambers.

Lastly, go visit places. The more questions you can ask, the better. You will end up learning so much and get a better idea of where mom really is and what her needs really are currently.

There are so many alternatives out there now. Mom’s idea of a nursing home certainly still exists, but there are new, fresh concepts that can be very affordable and still feel like home.

Our version of assisted living, in a residential setting is one of these alternatives. For more information on what we call “Not your grandma's nursing home,” call 513.701.9218. Ask lots of questions. We will be the first to tell you if assisted living is really what Mom needs, or maybe it’s just home care or something else for now. In the meantime, go hug your Mom.

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