Therapeutic Gardens: Cultivating Well-Being for Seniors in Assisted Living


In the realm of assisted living, where the pursuit of holistic well-being is paramount, the concept of therapeutic gardens emerges as a nurturing haven for seniors. This blog explores the profound impact of cultivating green spaces tailored to the unique needs of ageing residents.

1. Nature's Embrace: The Healing Power of Therapeutic Gardens

Dive into the therapeutic benefits of nature, explaining how the carefully curated elements of a therapeutic garden contribute to the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of seniors.

2. Sensory Symphony: Engaging the Senses in Garden Design

Uncover the art of designing sensory-rich gardens that captivate the senses, from fragrant blooms and textured foliage to the soothing sounds of flowing water, creating a multisensory experience for residents.

3. Gardening for Mobility: Accessible Design for All

Explore the importance of inclusive design, ensuring that therapeutic gardens are accessible to seniors with varying mobility levels, providing a space where everyone can actively participate and enjoy.

4. Cultivating Connection: Social Benefits of Garden Spaces

Highlight the social aspects of therapeutic gardens, discussing how these spaces foster a sense of community, encourage social interaction among residents, and provide opportunities for shared activities.

5. Seasonal Rhythms: The Changing Landscape of Therapeutic Gardens

Discuss the dynamic nature of therapeutic gardens, adapting to the seasonal rhythms to offer a diverse and evolving landscape that keeps residents connected to the natural world throughout the year.

6. Gardening as Therapy: Hands-On Engagement for Seniors

Illustrate the joy and therapeutic value of residents actively participating in gardening activities, from planting and tending to plants to experiencing the sense of accomplishment as they witness the garden's growth.

7. The Science Behind the Green: Health Benefits of Garden Time

Delve into scientific studies that support the positive impact of spending time in nature, exploring how exposure to greenery can reduce stress, improve mood, and contribute to overall physical health.


As the petals unfold and the leaves rustle in the therapeutic gardens of assisted living facilities, a profound story of well-being is told. These green sanctuaries are not just spaces adorned with flowers; they are vital contributors to the health and happiness of seniors, nurturing both body and spirit. In cultivating these therapeutic gardens, assisted living communities sow the seeds of a brighter, more fulfilling chapter for their residents.

Transforming Assisted Living: The Rise of Virtual Medical Consultations and Healthcare Services

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly evolving, and one of the most transformative trends in recent years is the integration of virtual medical consultations and healthcare services within assisted living facilities. This technological shift is not only enhancing the quality of care provided to residents but also revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals interact with and cater to their patients. In this article, we delve into the rise of virtual medical consultations in assisted living facilities, exploring the benefits, challenges, and potential it holds for the future of elder care.

The Evolution of Healthcare in Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have long been associated with providing seniors a comfortable and supportive environment, allowing them to maintain their independence while receiving the necessary care. Traditionally, healthcare services in these facilities have involved in-person visits to physicians and medical professionals. However, the advent of technology has led to a paradigm shift, allowing residents to access medical consultations and services through virtual platforms.


Benefits of Virtual Medical Consultations

Convenience and Accessibility: Virtual medical consultations eliminate the need for residents to travel to healthcare facilities, saving time, and energy, and reducing stress. This is especially valuable for individuals with mobility issues or chronic conditions.

Timely Healthcare: Virtual consultations enable healthcare providers to quickly attend to residents' needs, potentially preventing complications or exacerbation of health conditions.

Continuity of Care: Residents can maintain a consistent relationship with their healthcare providers, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity that positively impacts their overall well-being.

Reduced Healthcare Costs: Virtual consultations can be cost-effective for both residents and facilities, as they minimize transportation expenses and the need for extensive on-site medical staff.

Preventive Care: With regular virtual check-ins, healthcare professionals can monitor residents' health proactively, identifying potential issues and intervening early.

Challenges and Considerations

Technological Barriers: While technology adoption is growing, some residents might not be comfortable with or have access to the necessary devices and internet connectivity for virtual consultations.

Privacy and Security: Ensuring the confidentiality of medical information during virtual consultations is crucial. Assisted living facilities must invest in secure platforms and educate both residents and staff about privacy measures.

Physical Examinations: Some medical assessments require physical examinations that cannot be conducted virtually. Balancing virtual consultations with in-person visits becomes essential for comprehensive care.

Personal Connection: The human touch of in-person interactions can be challenging to replicate in virtual settings, potentially impacting the emotional well-being of residents.

The Road Ahead

The integration of virtual medical consultations and healthcare services in assisted living facilities is a transformative step forward. To harness its full potential, stakeholders must address challenges while capitalizing on its benefits. This includes investing in user-friendly technology, offering training to residents, and implementing protocols to ensure privacy and security.

As technology continues to advance, we can anticipate further developments such as remote monitoring devices, AI-powered diagnostics, and telehealth platforms tailored for senior care. The integration of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) might even facilitate immersive virtual healthcare experiences that bridge the gap between virtual and physical consultations.


The rise of virtual medical consultations and healthcare services within assisted living facilities marks a significant stride toward enhancing the quality of care for residents. While challenges exist, the benefits are clear: convenience, timely healthcare, cost savings, and preventive care. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, embracing these technological advancements can create a harmonious blend of personalized attention and cutting-edge innovation, ultimately leading to improved well-being and quality of life for residents in assisted living facilities.

Bridging the Generational Gap: How Assisted Living Communities Foster Connections with Younger Generations

In today's rapidly changing world, the gap between generations has become more pronounced than ever. Assisted living communities, once seen primarily as spaces for older adults, are now taking on a new role – that of bridging the generational divide. These communities are embracing innovative approaches to connect their residents with younger generations, leading to enriching experiences, meaningful relationships, and a sense of shared purpose. In this article, we explore how assisted living communities are fostering connections between residents and younger generations, reshaping the way we view aging and community engagement.

Changing Perspectives on Aging

Assisted living communities have shifted their focus from being purely care-oriented to creating vibrant and socially interactive environments. Recognizing the immense value of intergenerational connections, they are redefining the narrative of aging. These communities are not just places where older adults receive care; they are becoming spaces where residents can actively participate, contribute, and engage with individuals from different age groups.

Innovative Approaches

Intergenerational Programs: Assisted living communities are collaborating with local schools, colleges, and youth organizations to develop intergenerational programs. These programs bring together residents and young people for activities such as storytelling, arts and crafts, gardening, and technology workshops. This interaction fosters mutual understanding, breaks stereotypes, and promotes empathy.

Shared Learning: Residents are often a treasure trove of life experiences and wisdom. Many communities are leveraging this by organizing sessions where residents can share their stories and life lessons with younger generations. This not only imparts valuable knowledge but also creates a sense of purpose for the residents.

Volunteer Opportunities: Assisted living residents are actively participating in volunteer initiatives that benefit their local communities. Whether it's knitting blankets for homeless shelters or participating in environmental clean-up projects, these activities allow residents to contribute meaningfully and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Technology Adoption: Younger generations are well-versed in technology, and assisted living communities are tapping into this expertise. Residents and younger individuals collaborate on projects that involve technology, such as digital photo albums, video calls with distant family members, and social media engagement.

Benefits of Intergenerational Connections

Reduced Isolation: Intergenerational interactions combat feelings of loneliness and isolation that older adults might experience. The friendships formed to provide a support network that enhances mental and emotional well-being.

Enhanced Well-Being: Engaging with younger generations stimulates cognitive function and encourages physical activity. Residents feel more motivated to participate in group activities and maintain an active lifestyle.

Sense of Purpose: Being involved in intergenerational programs gives residents a renewed sense of purpose. They feel valued and respected for their contributions and insights.

Breaking Stereotypes: Intergenerational connections break down stereotypes that both age groups might hold. Younger generations learn to appreciate the life experiences and wisdom of older adults, while residents understand the aspirations and challenges faced by younger individuals.

Looking Ahead

The trend of fostering connections between assisted living residents and younger generations is likely to gain momentum. As society continues to evolve, intergenerational collaboration will become even more crucial for building empathy, tolerance, and a stronger sense of community. Assisted living communities will continue to find innovative ways to facilitate these connections, embracing the benefits they bring to the lives of residents and the broader society.


Assisted living communities are not just spaces for aging; they are evolving into dynamic hubs of intergenerational engagement. By creating opportunities for residents to connect with younger generations, these communities are fostering meaningful relationships, promoting well-being, and challenging societal perceptions of aging. As we embrace the power of shared experiences and knowledge across generations, we're taking a step towards building more inclusive, compassionate, and vibrant communities for all.

The Best Senior Living- A Home Away from Home

As we age, we start to reflect on the life we've lived and the memories we've made. Our priorities shift, and we begin to focus on what truly matters - our health, happiness, and the people we love. For many seniors, finding a comfortable and safe place to spend their golden years becomes a top priority. They want to stay close to family and friends, while also enjoying a worry-free and fulfilling lifestyle.

That's where Optimized Senior Living comes in. Optimized is the best senior living in Lebanon and Dayton Ohio  This family-owned and operated assisted living facility offers a welcoming environment for seniors who are looking for a home away from home. With personalized care, a family atmosphere, a safe and secure environment, and a range of amenities and services, Opimized Senior Living is the best senior living option in Lebabob, OH.

Why Choose Optimized Senior Living?

Optimized Senior Living is a family-owned and operated assisted living facility that offers a welcoming environment for seniors. Here are some reasons why it's the best senior living option in Lebanon, OH:

1. Personalized Care

At Optimized, residents receive personalized care to meet their individual needs. The facility offers a range of services, including medication management, housekeeping, and laundry services, to ensure that residents have a comfortable and worry-free lifestyle.

2. Family Atmosphere

The staff treat their residents like family, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes it feel like home. They offer a range of activities and social events to keep residents engaged and connected to each other.

3. Safe and Secure Environment

We takes the safety and security of their residents seriously. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including 24-hour monitoring and secure entryways, to ensure that residents feel safe and secure.

4. Beautiful Location

Located in Lebabon, OH we are surrounded by beautiful scenery, including parks and nature trails. The facility itself is situated on a spacious and well-maintained property that offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Amenities and Services at Optimized Senior Living

We offer a wide range of amenities and services to ensure that their residents have a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Here are some of the amenities and services they provide:

Private and Semi-Private Rooms

Residents have the option to choose between private and semi-private rooms, depending on their preferences and budget.

Nutritious Meals

We offer nutritious and delicious meals that are prepared on-site by their professional chef. Special dietary needs are also accommodated.

Wellness Program

The facility offers a comprehensive wellness program that includes exercise classes, health education, and access to healthcare services.

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

Residents can enjoy the convenience of housekeeping and laundry services to help them maintain a clean and tidy living space.


Choosing a senior living facility can be a difficult decision, but Optimized Senior Living  in zip code 45036 makes it easy. Contact us to schedule a tour for your loved one. With the personalized care, family atmosphere, safe and secure environment, and range of amenities and services, it's the perfect place for your loved ones looking for a home away from home.

The Benefits of Socializing in Assisted Living Facility

As individuals grow older, they tend to lose social connections due to factors such as retirement, family members moving away, or the passing of friends and loved ones. This reduction in social interaction can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health, leading to increased risk of depression, poor nutrition, and cognitive decline. However, there are ways to address this issue. Regular socialization and friendships have been found to improve overall health in seniors. In fact, a study published in The Journals of Gerontology suggests that well-designed assisted living communities can enhance socialization, happiness, and quality of life among older adults. By providing more opportunities for social interaction, such as living in an assisted living in Lebanon, seniors may be able to thrive and maintain their health and well-being.

Benefits of Socializing in Assisted Living

Socializing in assisted living communities in Lebanon, OH can provide numerous benefits for seniors. Some of these benefits include:

1. Improved mental health

As people age, they may experience cognitive decline or symptoms of depression. In fact, studies indicate that over 7 million seniors are dealing with depression symptoms. However, research also suggests that regular interaction with others can reduce the risk of depression and dementia in older adults. By maintaining social connections and engaging in social activities, seniors can benefit from improved mental health and cognitive function, which can enhance their overall quality of life.

2. Improved nutrition

Socialization can also have a positive impact on nutrition for seniors. When seniors live alone, they may be at a higher risk of malnutrition due to factors such as difficulty with meal preparation or limited access to fresh, healthy foods. However, engaging in friendly and lively social interactions can improve nutrition and overall health in older adults. Residential assisted living, like Optimized Senior Living, offers communal dining experiences that encourage seniors to eat well-balanced meals in the company of others. Additionally, socializing with peers can provide a supportive and encouraging environment for seniors to make healthy food choices and maintain a nutritious diet. By promoting better nutrition, socialization can help seniors maintain their physical health and well-being.

3. Better physical health

In addition to the mental health benefits, socialization can also contribute to improved physical health in seniors. Studies have shown that regular social interaction can lead to a reduction in physical pain, lower blood pressure, and a boosted immune system. Seniors who engage in social activities may be more likely to maintain an active lifestyle, which can help them maintain their physical health and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. Furthermore, socializing with others can provide a sense of motivation and accountability, encouraging seniors to stay committed to their health goals.

4. Access to support networks

Assisted living communities can be a valuable resource for seniors, offering access to supportive networks that include staff and fellow residents. These networks can provide seniors with the assistance and support they need to feel secure and confident in their daily lives. Trained staff members are available to offer help with activities of daily living, medication management, and emotional support. Meanwhile, building relationships with other residents can create a sense of camaraderie and shared experience, which can be especially helpful during difficult times. Ultimately, the access to support networks in assisted living can help seniors maintain their independence and improve their overall quality of life.

Assisted Living Help Increase Socialization

In conclusion, socialization is essential for the overall health and well-being of seniors, and assisted living communities like Optimized Senior Living located in Lebanon and Kettering, OH, can help increase socialization among older adults. Through various social activities and events, seniors can form meaningful connections with staff and fellow residents, reducing the risk of loneliness and isolation. This, in turn, can lead to improved mental and physical health, better nutrition, and access to valuable support networks. At OSL, we are committed to providing our residents with the opportunity to engage in social activities and form relationships that enhance their quality of life. If you are interested in learning more about our assisted living community and how we can help you or your loved one thrive, please contact us today.

Tips for Staying Active and Healthy in Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living can provide seniors with a safe and supportive environment to thrive in. However, it's important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in order to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay active and healthy while living in an assisted living in Lebanon, OH. From engaging in physical activities to socializing with peers, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this blog, we'll explore some tips and strategies to help seniors in assisted living maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active in Assisted Living in Lebanon, OH

Here are ten tips for staying healthy and active in assisted living in Lebanon, OH:

1. Engage in physical activities

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and it can be especially important for seniors who may be at risk for mobility issues or chronic conditions. Assisted living facilities often offer a range of exercise classes and activities that are designed for seniors. These can include gentle yoga, chair exercises, and water aerobics, among others. Even taking a short walk around the facility or engaging in light stretching can help to promote physical health and wellness.

2. Focus on a balanced diet

A balanced diet is important at any age, but it can be particularly crucial for seniors. As we age, our nutritional needs change, and it's important to make sure we're getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. Assisted living in Lebanon typically offer a range of meal options, and many will work with residents to create customized meal plans that meet their specific dietary needs. Seniors should aim to consume a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats in order to maintain good health.

3. Stimulate your mind

Stimulating your mind is important for maintaining cognitive health and promoting overall wellbeing. As we age, it's important to keep our brains active and engaged in order to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and to promote mental sharpness. There are many ways to stimulate your mind, such as by reading, solving puzzles, learning a new skill or language, or engaging in creative pursuits. Assisted living facilities may offer a range of mental stimulation activities, such as trivia games, brain teasers, and arts and crafts classes. Seniors can also take advantage of online resources and courses to learn new skills or pursue areas of interest. 

4. Stay social

Socialization is important for mental and emotional health, and it can be especially important for seniors who may be at risk for isolation or loneliness. Assisted living in Lebanon often provide opportunities for socialization, such as group activities, game nights, and social events. Seniors should take advantage of these opportunities to connect with others and form new friendships.

5. Participate in local events

Lebanon, OH is a vibrant community with a range of events and activities happening throughout the year. Assisted living facilities can help seniors stay engaged with the community by offering transportation to local events and encouraging residents to participate in community activities. This can include art fairs, farmers markets, concerts, and other events that are designed for seniors.

6. Maintain proper hygeine

Maintaining proper hygiene is important for overall health and wellbeing, especially as we age. Assisted living in Lebanon, OH can help seniors maintain good hygiene practices by providing assistance with tasks such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. It's important for seniors to also practice good hygiene habits on their own, such as washing hands frequently, brushing teeth regularly, and keeping nails trimmed and clean. Assisted living facilities may offer regular housekeeping services to ensure that living spaces are kept clean and sanitary, and seniors can also help by keeping their own living spaces tidy and free of clutter.

7. Explore new hobbies

Assisted living facilities often offer a range of hobby and interest groups, such as book clubs, gardening clubs, and art classes. Seniors should take advantage of these opportunities to explore new hobbies and interests, which can help to promote mental and emotional wellbeing. It's never too late to try something new, and assisted living in Lebanon can provide a supportive environment for seniors to learn and grow.

8. Get involved in volunteer work

Volunteering can be a great way to stay active and engaged with the community, while also promoting a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Assisted living facilities may offer volunteer opportunities within the facility itself, such as helping with meal prep or leading exercise classes, or seniors may be able to volunteer at local organizations in Lebanon, OH. Volunteering can be a great way to give back and to stay connected with the world around us.

9. Embrace nature

Lebanon, OH is home to many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, and seniors should take advantage of these natural resources to promote physical and mental health. Assisted living facilities may offer outdoor walking paths or gardens that residents can use to connect with nature, or seniors may choose to explore nearby parks and nature preserves. Spending time in nature can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and it can promote feelings of relaxation and wellbeing.

Final Words

In conclusion, staying healthy and active in assisted living in Lebanon, OH is about finding a balance between physical activity, socialization, mental stimulation, and good hygiene practices. Assisted living facilities like Optimized Senior Living in Lebanon, OH are committed to providing personalized care and services that meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident. Optimized Senior Living offers a range of amenities and services designed to promote health and wellbeing, such as exercise classes, community events, mental stimulation activities, and personalized care plans. With a focus on resident-centered care and a commitment to promoting a high quality of life, Optimized Senior Living is a leading assisted living facility in Lebanon, OH. 

By taking advantage of the resources and opportunities available within the facility and within the wider community, seniors can maintain independence, promote overall health and wellbeing, and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle in their golden years.

Virtual Tour: Welcome to Optimized Senior Living!

Welcome to Optimized Senior Living, where we provide exceptional care to all of our residents that live at our facilities located in Lebanon and Dayton, Ohio.

Once entering any of our assisted living homes, you will see our common area, where our residents are encouraged the bring their own comfortable recliners. Our senior residents can also add their own personal touch to this area by placing their personal pictures on the book shelves of loved ones.

Each of our assisted senior living homes also include a full staffed and stocked kitchen. Freshed cooked meals are prepared and served by one of our staff members three times a day. Our kitchen setting offers a professional and effective way to cater to our residents.

Located down the hallway on each side of the building are multiple living suites. Each individual senior resident room can be personalized with things that they or their family members bring in. That way, every resident can feel right at home. Some our suites have full bathrooms and other only half bathrooms. Also, a large community bathroom is located in each building that offers individual showers specifically for residents with wheelchairs and other transportable medical equipment. Dedicated laundry rooms are located in each assisted living building. Residents laundry is done 2 to 3 times a week. Lastly, we have a staffed nursing office in each building that provides 24/7 care.

Optimized Senior Living provides a 1 to 8 staff to resident ratio. That way, we can always cater to residents on an individual basis.

To our residents whom served in the military, we have a Wall of Honor located in the hallway where we display their picture and honor their service they provided for our country.

Optimized Senior Living is truly a different concept than other senior homes. We offer an all inclusive, transparent pricing model for residents and family. The price when you or your loved one moves in will always remain the same. Our pricing model offers peace of mind.

At this time, we are booking virtual tours. Please call (513)701-9218 or Contact Us today to find out how Optimized Senior Living can meet the needs of your loved one.

"Optimize is on the rise, building for the future"

Faith Based Assisted Living| Optimized Senior Living

When we were called to start a Residential Assisted Living home for the elderly, our first building block was faith. We all knew we wouldn’t be able to provide a true alternative to conventional assisted living facilities without God’s guidance. We knew that to build something as unique as we dreamed, our faith would be key and so we began and will remain a Faith Based company and Faith Based assisted living in Lebanon, Ohio,.

According to, a faith-based organization is defined as a group of individuals united on the basis of religious or spiritual beliefs. Traditionally, faith-based organizations have directed their efforts toward meeting the spiritual, social, and cultural needs of their members. This is exactly what we strive to achieve for our residents, families, and employees. Each member of our Optimized Senior Living family, has their own definition of what it means to be faith-based and how this foundation will be demonstrated.

Tim, a co-owner, has spent more time than any of us in and out of nursing homes and assisted living homes visiting his own parents. explains what it means to him to be a faith based home. “

Spiritual and emotional health is just as important if not more than physical health. We believe if we can care for a resident with this in mind, we can provide total care to that person. What does being a faith based company mean for you? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments.

Senior Living Transition

Everyone has their own story, their own journey. As we age though, we share many of the same steps. Let’s take a walk through one woman’s journey:

Gertie is 85 years old. She has lived alone for 10 years, and has been OK in doing so. Her daughter Judy comes over daily to check on her and will drive her on special outings, etc… Judy notices that her mother has become very lonely, isolating herself and not going out like she used to. Gertie has also had a couple recent falls and trips to the ER, so Judy no longer feels it’s safe to leave Gertie alone in her home… As hard as it is for Judy, she discusses this with her siblings and they all decide it is time to tell mom they all think it is probably time to transition her into a senior living community. What a difficult conversation! And this is just the beginning, next they have to decide about the house, finances, where to start looking, and the list goes on.

Have you been here before? Is this coming soon for your family? It’s never easy and it happens every day to thousands of families, but they do not have to be alone through this process! The Senior Care Industry has so many different resources both paid and free available to assist families and seniors through this transition period and help make it as seamless as possible.

If this is you, I’m sure you are happy to hear this, but now the question is where do I find these resources? Here are a few keywords to search for: Senior Care Managers, Senior Transition Specialist, Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Also, call any local senior living home and they should have a number of resources available to you! These individuals can help families take care of everything including, the process of downsizing the home, moving furniture and putting up photos, decor, etc in their new senior living home, finding a realtor to sell the home, getting set up with VA benefits, referring quality senior living communities, making phone calls, and so much more.

Transitioning a loved one to the next step in their journey should focus on being together and emotionally supporting them, not the logistics. A family truly has so many resources available, and it’s so important to know you don’t have to go through this process alone with a thousand questions and without a road map. If you have questions, and are going through this process, you can call Optimized Senior Living at (513) 701-9218 for specific local resources and referrals like above to assist you and your family.

Mom Needs More

Did you get a chance to spend some time with Mom over the holidays? Did you see that Mom hasn’t been taking as good of care of herself? Was mom constantly repeating herself? Are you now worried about mom living on her own?

Eh, what difficult things to see in your Mom (or another loved one). It’s not easy as a son or daughter, but so real. And then what to do when this becomes reality? Mom has always been the backbone of the family, she’s the one that is set in her ways and will refuse to leave her house, ever. “You will never put me in a nursing home,” this line rings in your head from what she’s always said. However, you know mom is one fall away from really being in bad shape or one forgetful moment of a real tragedy. But, what do you do!?

First step: Have a conversation with your siblings (if possible.) Are they feeling the same way? Talk about specific things you have noticed in mom.

Second step: Geriatrician appointment. Getting a professional opinion can be huge. They may see things you don’t, can do different assessments on cognitive impairment, etc. They can be a guide if nothing else.

Third step: Resources - maybe Mom isn’t quite ready to leave home, but getting some extra care into the home is needed. Or maybe mom needs more therapy for fall prevention, or maybe she really does need assisted living. Make calls and ask questions...truly get informed with what is out there and what all different companies provide. Council on Aging where you live can be a good guide, as well as local chambers.

Lastly, go visit places. The more questions you can ask, the better. You will end up learning so much and get a better idea of where mom really is and what her needs really are currently.

There are so many alternatives out there now. Mom’s idea of a nursing home certainly still exists, but there are new, fresh concepts that can be very affordable and still feel like home.

Our version of assisted living, in a residential setting is one of these alternatives. For more information on what we call “Not your grandma's nursing home,” call 513.701.9218. Ask lots of questions. We will be the first to tell you if assisted living is really what Mom needs, or maybe it’s just home care or something else for now. In the meantime, go hug your Mom.