Assisted Living

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a great option for seniors who are somewhat physically or cognitively unable to live on their own. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities or removal of the need for household chores, assisted living is ideal. Our assisted living facility is here to help.

Optimized Senior Living Home is a home for people who need assistance with daily living or respite care. With 16 bedrooms, we aren’t a faceless facility or an elderly resort spa. It literally is a home – to be filled with memories of our residents and lots of laughter. A warm environment for families to gather or quiet personal spaces. Not to mention a large open, common area for chats, exercise, socializing and umpteen cups of tea or coffee! You see, assisted living is just normal living…with a bit of extra help.

Our aides are all vetted and undergo strict interview protocols. So we know that all daily living activities are well catered for by warm, friendly staff. We understand that there are many options when it comes to senior living. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming.


Choosing the right option can be tough. We know all about that here at Optimized Senior Living, which is why we purposely built our home to be a new home for senior living. First, let’s talk about what assisted living is all about.

Why Choose Optimized Senior Living for Assisted Living

Here at Optimized Senior Living, we understand the challenges of finding a home for you or your loved one all too well. Last year we struggled to find a good assisted home for our grandma.

  • Homey
    Our home is your home. While our walls are relatively empty now, we want to see them filled with photos and memories of our residents.
  • Open
    Everything about our space is open yet secure and inviting. The hallways down to the bedrooms are wide so there is not a feeling of restriction.
  • Mindful
    We know that it’s not easy stepping away from a life that your parent knew to a new one. Your parent may have been in their home for 50 years or 5 years.
  • Engaging
    We designed our home to have enough spaces to enjoy socializing. Not everyone has to socialize together.

Here’s why you should choose Optimized Senior Living as the assisted living facility for your loved one

When You’re Ready, Contact Us To Schedule A Tour And Let Us Show You The Optimized Senior Living Core Values.

We’re faith-based

This dictates how we treat our residents and staff – with dignity, respect, and trust. All faiths are welcome and we’ll work with churches in the area so your parent can practice their faith

Home cooked meals

Every day, we provide home cooked and healthy meals and snacks. However, if your parent has a favorite recipe (or 20), then we’d be delighted to cook it.

Communication & Transparency

We’ve invested in technology so that your parent can feel right at home. If your parent has had the same phone number for 50 years, then they can bring that with them.

Independence & Freedom

This is a home which has an operating door! By that I mean, residents can come and go as they please – brunch with girlfriends, cinema with others, or shopping during the sales.

Visitors are welcome

If you have lots of friends and family, invite them over. They’re welcome. And what about the grandchildren’s pictures? Place them on the fridge!

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