Respite Care

Are you in need of a break, but don’t know where to turn?

What is respite care?

Respite care is a short stay with us where we provide 24/7 assisted living care, home cooked meals, activities, social engagement, med management, and of course a worry-free break for you, the caregiver.

In America today, there are over 43 million unpaid caregivers for older adults. The average age of these caregivers is 50 years young. Caregivers that are in their prime time to enjoy life and all that it has to offer! However, so many feel “stuck” because they are caring for mom and don’t know what to do.

Everyone needs a break.

We have been there and understand the guilt, the worry, the constant question of, am I doing what is best for mom every day. But, we have also learned that it is OK to step away for a vacation, to get refueled, or simply a few days to rest.

Why Stay in a Home Like Ours?

Staying in a place like Optimized Senior Living can give mom a break as well! It offers socializing, a chance to be around others, smiling faces, activities and the feeling that they are on a mini vacation as well.

A respite stay can be as little as a night or as long as a couple months. Our prices are very competitive and are all-inclusive, meaning we won’t be nickel and diming for any additional “services”. We do as much as we possibly can to provide exceptional care to our residents and short-term guests.

The Biggest Benefit…

Everyone can rest easy knowing mom is truly being cared for by qualified staff, in a safe place, and will be treated with dignity and respect. You can take a vacation, let your hair down, and know that mom will be ok!

It’s easier said than done, and we get that. We invite you to come in and see our home for yourself. Ask questions, understand what your mom’s days here will look like, and meet our family team providing the care.

Call today to schedule a time to meet or stop in anytime!

Come and visit our home! Take it in, have a coffee or tea with us, and sit where your parent will sit.
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