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"Great ownership and a brand new facility. If you are looking for an alternative to the "big box" assisted living facilities where the caregiver to resident ratio can get stretched, I definitely recommend Optimized Senior Living for a high end assisted living experience in a residential home setting."                            -Eric Sztanyo

"Optimized Senior Living Ownership, Staff, and Facility are top notch! It is a pleasure to be on board with you to provide your Pharmacy need."
- Matt Maloney, RN, BSN, Account Manager    Mullaney Medical & Pharmacy

Why an alternative in assisted living?

We have heard time and time again how so often an assisted living facility feels just that - a facility.  Assisted Living does not need to be a facility...it can now be a home.  The alternative Optimized Senior Living offers is an intimate home style setting.  The resident has a voice and plays a part in making it "home" - they can hang up their favorite wall decor, bring photos of grandchildren to place on the mantel, sit in their favorite recliner to watch tv (while being around others instead of isolated in a room alone), and of course have a voice in meals made and daily activities.

We believe making the move to assisted living should be one that provides peace of mind for families, enjoyment for the resident, and a decision that just feels good. We are truly family owned and faith based, and expect our residents to be treated and feel like family.  This is the alternative in assisted living.


What to expect in care provided:

  • Low caregiver ratio for assistance with activities of daily living
  • Innovative med management to reduce med errors
  • Preventative monthly physician visits in the home
  • Personal attention 
  • Holistic approach - x2 monthly massages, reflexology, weekly personal trainer, monthly preventative occupational therapy, all to keep quality of life high as long as possible

It's different...have questions?

We strive to exceed expectations.  We understand this concept is unique and can't always be understood through text.  So, don't hesitate to ask us anything!  You are welcome to email us directly optimizedseniorliving@gmail.com or call us at 513-701-9218.  We are here to be of service and look forward to showing you our faith based, small, intimate, alternative assisted living HOME.